Parish council - A meeting was held in the village hall on October 6. John Burford took the chair and David Butcher acted as parish clerk. Among those attending were county and district councillor Mary Rudd, Caroline Nixon and Charles Swan of Waveney Standards Committee, and 14 members of the public.

Parish council - A meeting was held in the village hall on October 6. John Burford took the chair and David Butcher acted as parish clerk. Among those attending were county and district councillor Mary Rudd, Caroline Nixon and Charles Swan of Waveney Standards Committee, and 14 members of the public.

Village hall: Mr Butcher reported that the Charity Commission had asked for a notice to be posted in the village informing the public of the intention to sell a 99 year lease of the village hall to Suffolk CC, explaining the reasons for the sale and the benefits it would bring to the village, and describing the arrangements for replacing the existing facilities. The proposed text of the notice was read to the meeting and approved. It was noted that any representations could be made to the Charity Commission within 28 days of the notice being posted.

Northern parishes: John Burford reported that Lound and Somerleyton had agreed to join the community speedwatch scheme, with the expense of equipment and clothing funded by Oulton from locality funding. He said that the three volunteers required need not be parish councillor and that they would not operate in their own parishes. Under the scheme drivers repeatedly caught speeding would receive a letter from the police and action would be considered only after a second letter. At the next northern parishes meeting Mr A Savonia, Waveney deputy chief executive, would talk on the possible formation of a Lowestoft Town Council and the implications this might have for the existing parishes.

Other updates: Mr Butcher reported that a site meeting regarding play equipment would be held at the Pit next week and that money had been moved from the reserve account to meet the parish council's share of the costs. Concerning a unitary authority, he said that an appeal by certain Suffolk councils against the decision of the Boundary Commission was being heard that day and that a decision could be expected by the end of the month. It was announced that Ann Mabelson had offered to fill one of the vacancies on the parish council and it was agreed to invite her to attend the next meeting as a full member.

Police: PC Stranks wrote that 11 crimes had been recorded during the last month, consisting of the burglary of an outhouse, two thefts from motor vehicles, four cases of damage to motor vehicles, two assaults and two others. PCSO Sue Kershaw had been actively involved in the walk to school week

Standards: Caroline Nixon and Charles Swan of the Waveney Standards Committee attended the meeting as a matter of routine. Mrs Nixon told the meeting that the committee consisted of Waveney and parish representatives and its purpose was to provide a code of conduct which would help relations between the public, parish councils and the district council. Aspects of its work included providing training, monitoring and dealing with complaints. The committee could, for example, advice on when councillors should declare an interest and on which issues they should refrain from voting.

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Representatives: The village hall committee had said that only �30 had been taken in bookings in September, and that this was not sufficient to pay the utilities bills. The playing field committee reported that the pitches had withstood the dry period and were in a satisfactory condition. The possibility of informing the public about the times of pitch bookings and the provision of new litter bins had been discussed at the last meeting, and an informal discussion on the siting of a new bowling green had followed. School governor, Lynne Pavey, wrote that at the time of writing, there was a vacancy for a parent governor. Parents were thanked for their help with the new playhouse, and a special assembly would be held for the presentation of a plaque in recognition of the school's new travel plan. The Poor's Land Trust had appointed an experienced new warden for the St Bartholomew's Court complex, with effect from November 1.

Correspondence: In reply to a letter from the playing field secretary a resolution was passed confirming the parish council's full support for the sub-committee formed to consider the development of amenities on the field. A letter from the Bowls Club secretary thanked the parish council for its efforts in securing an extended tenure of the bowling green.

Local elections: Waveney had presented an estimate of charges for the 2010 parish council election, which would be held if more than nine candidates came forward. The charge if the district and parish elections were held together would be �169. If the calling of a general election at the same time disrupted the usual arrangements however parishes would face a separate election at a possible cost of �1,200.

Public forum: Questions in the public forum concentrated on the future of the village hall and bowling green. Replying to questions from the Bingo Club, Mr Butcher said that the county would pay for the refurbishment of the of the new hall and that all of the existing facilities would be replaced including the kitchen and refreshment facilities for evening meetings. It was expected that insurance would also be in place on the same terms. No-one could say for sure what would happen in the interim period, which depended on such matters as how long the refurbishment would take and when it would start. Concerning the proceeds of the sale, the �100,000 would be placed in a special community development fund, set up and supervised by the Charity Commission, and probably including members of the parish council, playing field committee and representatives of the Bowls Club as its trustees.

Corton School - On Thursday of last week a special assembly was held to mark the achievements of walk to school week. The assembly was attended by county and district councillor Mary Rudd and Nicola Fowler of Suffolk CC, who presented the awards and prizes. Chief among the awards was a plaque presented to the school for being one of only 14 Suffolk schools to produce, in the words of the citation, an 'accredited and recognised plan for sustainable travel'. All three classes took part in a competition to draw a suitable shoe, while Class 3 enjoyed a crossword and Classes 1 and 2 completed a walk to school questionnaire. Winners were crossword Max, Lois, James, Rosie-May; walk to school Lauren, Chloe (Class 2) Leni, Jake (Class 1); shoe drawing Evie, Anthony (Class 3), William, Katie(Class 2) Jed, Emily, Jake (Class 1). The work of road safety officers Joseph Brighty and Sharnah Lee was also recognised.

The Mustard Seed - This month's meeting will be held at the Methodist Church on Wednesday, October 21, when Ian Prettyman will present songs and music from around Britain. Meetings begin with tea at 1.30pm with the main event from 2 to 3pm, all welcome.

Church services - On Sunday there will be a service of sung eucharist at St Bartholomew's Church at 9.30am. The morning service at the Methodist Church at 11am will be led by Miss T Walker.

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