Dad 'relieved' after stolen car found through power of social media


Sam in his car when he first bought it a year ago. - Credit: Sam Grimmer

A dad has shared his relief after his stolen car was found - and admitted he feared it was gone for good.

Sam Grimmer, 27, lives with his family in Worlingham and was left feeling 'gutted' when his Land Rover Discovery was stolen in the middle of the night.

His car was stolen at 2.30am on Thursday. February 25.

sam's car

Sam's car sitting on the drive before it was stolen. - Credit: Sam Grimmer

Mr Grimmer said: "Me and my wife headed up to bed at about 11.30pm and then my daughter was stirring at 2.30am so I woke up.

"I looked outside onto my driveway and saw that my car was missing.

"So I called the police and both them and my insurance company said there was a low chance that it would be found again.

"It is weird because we have two little dogs and they usually bark even if there is noise three doors down.

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"It would have been helpful if the dogs had stirred this time around."


Sam had lost all hope that his car would be found again. - Credit: Sam Grimmer

Mr Grimmer had lost hope that his car would be found again.

He said: "I had no hope and I was left feeling gutted that it had been stolen.

"It is not good to learn that someone was on my property as well."


Sam's car was found in Southwold. - Credit: Sam Grimmer

The day after his car was stolen, he put up a picture of his car on social media and appealed to people to help find it.

Little did he know that the post would be shared over 500 times and would do the job perfectly.

The 27-year-old said: "A guy from Southwold who I don't know got in contact with me to say that it had been found in the town.

"I was relieved when my car was found. It is a bit of a pain that it is in the garage for damages but it is great to have it back."

Mr Grimmer now plans on installing some CCTV and outside lights at his home to hopefully prevent thefts like this from happening again.

He added: "The extra security around my home should deter future thieves.

"I would just like to say a massive thank you to the guy who also found it through the power of social media."