Hit-and-run leaves couple unable to drive to hospital for birth of baby


The couple's mirrors were damaged during the hit and run. - Credit: Shannon Hall

A young couple are worried about how to get to hospital for their baby's birth after their car was wrecked by a hit-and-run driver.

Shannon Hall, 21, who is 36 weeks pregnant, lives in Lowestoft with her fiancé Andy, 23.

They have been left upset about the incident, which happened on Blackheath Road on Tuesday, January 26 between the hours of 7:45pm and 9:45pm - and Shannon is worried how she will get to hospital for the birth of her baby.

"It broke our hearts. We have been struggling with money after being on furlough. This is the last thing we needed," Miss Hall said.


The damage to the car has been a kick in the teeth for the young couple. - Credit: Shannon Hall

Like many young people during the pandemic, Shannon and Andy have been struggling and they said the damage to their car had been a kick in the teeth.

Miss Hall said: "We have a baby, a house, and our wedding to save up for. 

"We’ve had so many lovely people reach out to us on Facebook and offer myself a lift to the hospital but due to Covid that’s just not possible.

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"We wouldn’t want to risk anything."

Miss Hall is hopeful that a taxi or ambulance will take her and Andy to the hospital but this also carries complications of potentially spreading coronavirus.


External damage to the car. - Credit: Shannon Hall

"We would have to try to get a taxi or hope that an ambulance would be able to come and get me," the 21-year-old said.

The couple have not yet told the police and want the culprit to come forward themselves.

Miss Hall said: "We just wanted them to right their wrong and ask them why they wouldn’t stop to do the right thing.

"They weren’t to know that we are in a difficult position but they shouldn’t have assumed we were in a position to not be affected by this.

"We have no idea who the driver is. Unfortunately they have not come forward but in the crash they did leave part of their own wing mirror and on the inside of the glass it does say Nissan so we know what the car is."