Locals react after group of 10 youths allegedly cause damage to home

home damaged

A home on Pinewood Avenue in Lowestoft was allegedly damaged by a group of 10 youths. - Credit: Jasper King

Locals on a quiet residential street in Lowestoft have been reacting after a group of youths allegedly caused damage to a home.

Police are searching for information after a group of approximately 10 children reportedly caused a disturbance in Pinewood Avenue on Wednesday, February 9, between 8.15pm and 8.35pm.


Damage appears to have been inflicted upon a ground floor window at the home. - Credit: Jasper King

The group, which are believed to be between 11 and 15-years-old, left the area before police arrived.

The occupant, a woman in her 40s, is not believed to have been the intended target.

pinewood avenue

It was a quiet and peaceful day on Pinewood Avenue. - Credit: Jasper King

All suspects were wearing jogging bottoms and black puffer jackets with hoods up.

Officers completed enquiries and a search of the area but did not find the suspects.

mary stephens

Mary Stephens, who lives on Pinewood Avenue, said there was an occasional bit of crime on the road. - Credit: Jasper King

Mary Stephens, lives on Pinewood Avenue and was out walking.

She said there is the occasional bit of crime.

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"I didn't seen the damage caused or the group of kids but we've had some trouble in the past with motorbikes revving their engines and doing three point turns in the street.

"It is a relatively straight bit of road so I guess this encourages them.

"Over Halloween we also had lots of sweets stolen and pumpkins smashed all over the road.

"But other than that it is relatively quiet and there generally isn't much crime in the area."

Robin Barrett, 81, has lived at nearby Highland Way for the past 16 years.

He said: "It is generally a pretty safe area and stuff like this doesn't usually happen.

"You get the odd petty crime, for example, my neighbour's bikes have been stolen in the past.

"Other than that this is a quiet neighbourhood and not much ever really happens here."


Police are appealing for information from the public following the incident. - Credit: Jasper King

A local who lives close to the scene of the crime and who wished to remain anonymous said this isn't the first time a group of youths have been seen near the property.

They said: "There have been groups of kids hanging outside the house in the past.

"I didn't see what happened but it is a common occurrence and I don't take any notice of it.

"It has been going on for a fair bit of time now.

"It is just like most areas around here, there is some crime but nothing significant."