Watch: Dramatic moment reckless driver knocks down roadside barriers

reckless driver

The reckless driver sped down St Margaret's Road in Lowestoft and crashed into some roadside barriers. - Credit: Kevin Emblem

CCTV has captured the moment when a reckless driver demolished a set of roadside barriers.

The incident happened at 3.50pm on Monday, November 22 at the bottom of St Margaret's Road at the junction with Oulton Road in Lowestoft.

The driver, who appears to be in a red Fiat Punto, is seen driving up onto the kerb on the side of the road before dramatically crashing into all the roadside barriers.

The driver then leaves the scene down Oulton Road, with no regard for the devastation left behind.

Lowestoft resident Kevin Emblem saw the footage on his CCTV the following day on Tuesday, but said it was no surprise to see reckless drivers in the area.  

Mr Emblem said: "I came home on Tuesday and my wife told me something looked a bit different on the kerb of the road.

"So we both checked the CCTV and saw what had happened.

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"What I'm disgusted about is that this driver was clearly just driving up on the kerb.

"This happened at 3.50pm and two or three minutes before there were children crossing the road there.

"If this driver had been driving up on the kerb at this time it could have been a very different story.

"Lots of young people usually cross this section of the road.

Mr Emblem said this isn't the first time him and his wife have seen speeding drivers in the area.

"We have our CCTV on all the time and it is shocking to see the incompetence of some drivers," he said.

"Half these drivers should not be driving and one day I fear the worst will happen."

Suffolk Police confirmed they could not find a report of the incident but did say: “We’d always urge people to drive with diligence and awareness.

"Even a momentary lapse in concentration can prove dangerous for you and other road users.

"With winter bringing less light and the increased frequency of colder and icy weather this also needs to be considered by drivers - vigilance and care are the key words.”