Man bites two female police officers during pandemic

Britten Road in Lowestoft

Britten Road in Lowestoft. - Credit: Google Maps

A man has been jailed for biting two female police officers - an offence made worse because it was during the Covid pandemic.

Michael Barclay, 44, of Britten Road in Lowestoft, appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court on January 7.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting the officers, Michelle Malcolm and Hannah Rix, on January 6 in Lowestoft.

He also admitted to having a pair of scissors, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, on the same date in the same place.

The magistrates ruled the assault was so serious because Barclay bit the officers during a pandemic.

At the time of the offence, he was also serving a suspended sentence of three months in prison.

This was for having a Stanley knife at a public place, St Peter's Street in Lowestoft, on November 11 last year.

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Barclay was sentenced to six months and two weeks in prison for the assaults.