Audi window smashed by vandals in Lowestoft incident

The car window was smashed on in Lowestoft on Thursday, November 11.

The car window was smashed on in Lowestoft on Thursday, November 11. - Credit: Molly Valentine

A Lowestoft woman has described her shock after her Audi's window was smashed by vandals.

Molly Valentine, 27, of Stradbroke Road, and her partner had not been feeling well so decided to have an early night on Thursday, November 11.

They were awoken by a neighbour to be told their car had been targeted.

"We were probably only asleep for an hour before waking to a knock on the door," she said.

"It's so frustrating because it's something you hear about but never expect to happen to you."

Ms Valentine said it was unclear what had done the damage but the window looked like it had been "hit by a baseball bat".

The incident happened on Stradbroke Road, Lowestoft.

The incident happened on Stradbroke Road, Lowestoft. - Credit: Google Maps

Witnesses on social media have since said they saw a man with what looked like a tyre pump around the time of the incident.

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Ms Valentine has had to pay £100 excess to get the window fixed.

A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman confirmed it had received a report of an incident between 9.30pm and 10pm on Thursday.

However, it said a lack of "investigative opportunities" meant the case had been closed until new information comes to light.