'Miracle no one killed' - Neighbours shock after crash


Damage remains three days after the crash. - Credit: Jasper King

Neighbours living on a busy stretch of road have described how it was a "miracle no one died" after a crash in Lowestoft.

The crash happened at 7am on Victoria Road in Lowestoft on Saturday, November 6.

Officers from Suffolk Police later arrested a man on suspicion of drug driving, failing to stop at a crash and dangerous driving.


The driver collided into a property on Victoria Road. - Credit: Jasper King

Neighbours in the area are now calling for tighter speed restriction measures on the road, which many describe as a 'rat run' for speeding drivers.

All neighbours interviewed wanted to remain anonymous due to the ongoing police investigation.

window damaged

A window damaged at a property on Victoria Road. - Credit: Jasper King

One resident said: "My girlfriend and I got up at about 7.05am, having a cup of coffee, still in our night clothes.

"We suddenly heard this huge smash and bang, slide and then another bang.

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"We rushed out within seconds and it was utter devastation with things strewn everywhere.

"The car went right into the house, spun around, went across the road and smashed into the opposite wall.


Damage left behind where the driver crashed into the house. - Credit: Jasper King

"A man ran down Nelson Wharf and another was limping around.

"It was all quite surreal and a miracle no one was killed.

"We've had two accidents within three days right outside our houses.

"Something needs to be done because we don't feel safe. It feels like a rat run for speeding drivers."


Remnants of police tape and a wall completely smashed up following the crash. - Credit: Jasper King

Another resident said: "I woke up just before 7 to a loud noise and we instantly knew it was a crash.

"Looked out the window and saw the car in the wall on our side of the road opposite to where the crash happened.

"Cars were still going through so we used bins to block the road before the emergency services arrived.

"This road is horrendous and I worry for my young children.

"Something like speed cameras or speed bumps would deter them."

police tape

Police tape remnants left behind. - Credit: Jasper King

One other resident said: "I was in bed and woke up to this horrendous bang which felt like it was right behind me.

"I couldn't quite believe what was going on. It just felt so surreal.

"It's promising there has been a quick arrest though and hopefully justice will be served."