'Complete shock' - Neighbours stunned after cannabis farm uncovered

bob collis

Bob Collis had no idea a cannabis farm was nearby to his house on Holly Road. - Credit: Jasper King

People living in a residential street have expressed their shock after a cannabis farm was found right under their noses.

Police first of all stopped a car on Camp Road in Lowestoft on Tuesday, May 4, and, following a drug test, the driver was arrested.

A search of the man revealed he had suspected cannabis and tablets.

holly road

200 cannabis plants were discovered at an address on Holly Road in Oulton Broad by police - Credit: Jasper King

A search of a property on Holly Road a short time later by police revealed that a house on the first and second floor had been converted to grow 200 cannabis plants.

Resident Bob Collis was stunned by the discovery.

He said: "It came as a complete shock and surprise to myself and the other neighbours.

"You read about this sort of thing being discovered elsewhere but you never expect it near where you live.

"It just goes to show that you never know what is going on behind closed doors just a short distance up the road."

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However, another resident who wished to stay anonymous, described how they knew cannabis drug dealing was going on in the quiet residential road.

They said: "I knew something was going on at that house because I saw people going in and out all the time on average usually every 20 minutes.

"This is generally a very safe area of Oulton Broad and I would say it is highly unusual for anything like this to happen here.

"The people who moved in were here for about six months so I don't think the drug dealing was happening for very long here."

The resident went on to explain that an underpass at the end of Holly Road under the railway encouraged the drug dealing to take place.


The underpass where one resident believes much of the drug dealing took place. - Credit: Jasper King

They said: "I used to see people walking off towards that underpass and obviously the hidden spot is the perfect environment for drug dealers.

"Nevertheless, it is just something you would not expect to happen."

One other resident added: "I knew what might be going on but I did not want to get myself involved in that kind of stuff."

The 29-year-old suspect was initially taken to Great Yarmouth Police Investigation Centre for questioning.

Police confirmed he has been released under investigation pending further enquiries.