Man left 'destitute' after becoming victim of delivery and banking scam

A Pakefield man has warned others after becoming victim of a delivery and banking scam.

A Pakefield man has warned others after becoming victim of a delivery and banking scam. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A coin collector awaiting a new addition to his collection has been left “with absolutely nothing” after becoming the victim of a complex delivery scam.

Fraudsters raided more than £3,000 from Paul Hubbocks’ current account and savings, as well as transferring the full amount of his overdraft, after he paid £1 for what he thought was a redelivery.

The 45-year-old says he has been left “destitute” and “in a really dark place” following the incident.

Mr Hubbocks, from Pakefield, said: “I was recovering at my mother’s house after a couple of seizures when I got an email claiming to be from DPD into my inbox, not spam, telling me they’d attempt a delivery without success, so I clicked on the link because I was expecting a delivery.

“It said I needed to pay £1 to rearrange delivery and I honestly thought no more of it. They would have put a card through my door but I wasn’t home and the email looked convincing.

“A couple of days later, I had a call from my bank to say my card had been used suspiciously for £160 at Harvey Nichols in Liverpool.

“They said they needed to set up a whole new account and transfer my money to it.

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“The number came through as my bank and they had all my details already.”

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Mr Hubbocks believed the email was legitimate. - Credit: PA

The stolen funds included money left to Mr Hubbocks’ following his grandmother’s death.

He said: “I have been beating myself up and I can’t believe I fell for it. I never saw it coming.

“I have been to hell and back and it makes you question what you can trust online.

“I’ve lost my life savings and they’ve left me with absolutely nothing.”

Mr Hubbocks, who had to give up a career in sales marketing after being unable to work due to a degenerative disc disease in his spine, said those involved should be in prison.

He said: “I don’t know how they have the gall to do this. Do they not have any compassion for vulnerable people or feelings towards others?

“Whoever they are, they should be behind bars.”

Action Fraud is investigating the incident, and Mr Hubbocks hopes his experiences can serve as a warning to others.

The scam is one of several involving delivery companies, with others being targeted by fraudsters claiming to be from Royal Mail.