Angry neighbours 'sleep-deprived' due to 2am anti-social car park racers

Members of RANS point to the anti-social behaviour motorists Gateway Retail Park Lowestoft

Members of the Residents Against Noise and Speed group highlight tyre marks left at the Gateway Retail Park after earlier incidents. - Credit: Mick Howes

Anti-social drivers have been slammed by a pressure group after they were kept up by "revving engines and banging exhausts" in a neighbourhood car park late at night.

The Residents Against Noise and Speed (RANS) group claim the Co-op car park on Ashburnham Way, in Carlton Colville, is being used as a meeting point for 'car cruising'.

They say neighbours have become "sleep-deprived" after the incidents, which typically take place between 11pm and 2am.

The group was formed last year in a bid to clamp down on "dangerous" drivers in Kessingland, Gisleham, Rushmere and Carlton Colville, particularly on the Kessingland bypass and at the Gateway Retail Park.

adam robertson

RANS member Adam Robertson - Credit: Residents Against Speed and Noise

RANS member Adam Robertson said: "We are seeing the car cruising meets now spreading from the Gateway Retail Park to Ashburnham Way car park and also Carlton Marshes.

"RANS welcomes the additional patrols being done by Suffolk Police's Kestral team, and we appreciate the efforts by the local police to deal with the anti-social behaviour associated with car cruising.

"However, the local officers need assistance and we believe that East Suffolk Council, through the communities team, and Suffolk Police should now consider applying for a court injunction as an effective deterrent in dealing with illegal car cruising meets which are happening around Lowestoft.

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"It will help the local police to launch a bigger crackdown on these meets, which are causing misery for residents."

A court injunction would ban people from taking part in, attending, promoting, organising or publicising a street racing event, including through social media such as Instagram and Snapchat.

A spokesperson for East Suffolk Council, also speaking on behalf of Suffolk Police, said: “While we have yet to receive any specific reports concerning vehicle related anti-social behaviour (ASB) in this specific location, we understand the impact that excessive noise can have on people’s lives and would urge anyone with concerns about ASB in their community to report incidents to us in a timely manner, including as much information as possible, so that the most appropriate action can be taken at an early stage.

“We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and work closely with Suffolk Constabulary to address any behaviour adversely affecting the local environment.

“If anyone has any concerns regarding vehicles being used in an anti-social manor, then please contact Suffolk Constabulary on 101 and officers will respond accordingly.”

Euro Car Parks, who run the site, has been contacted for comment.