Driver caught doing 62mph in a 40mph in police speeding crackdown

A TOR was issued to a motorist for travelling 53mph in a 40mph zone on London Road, Pakefield

A TOR was issued to a motorist for travelling 53mph in a 40mph zone on London Road, Pakefield. - Credit: Lowestoft Police Facebook

A motorist was clocked going more than 20mph above the 40mph speed limit on a busy road in Lowestoft.

With a series of speed checks carried out on three busy stretches of roads in the Lowestoft area earlier this month, it emerged that one driver was caught travelling at 62mph on Tom Crisp Way in Lowestoft, which has a 40mph speed limit.

After concerns had been raised about vehicles speeding in areas of Lowestoft, several Traffic Offence Reports (TORs) and warnings were handed out to drivers for excess speed following checks on London Road in Pakefield, Victoria Road and Tom Crisp Way.

Officers from the east Kestrel team swooped on Lowestoft on the evening of Saturday, May 21 to conduct the speed enforcement checks.

A Suffolk police spokesman said: "Two warnings were given for speeds between 42mph and 46mph on Tom Crisp Way, Lowestoft.

"One motorist was issued with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) for travelling at 62mph in a 40mph limit on Tom Crisp Way.

"Two TORs were issued to motorists for travelling 42mph in 30mph and 45mph in 30mph on Victoria Road, Lowestoft.

"One TOR was issued to a motorist for travelling 53mph in 40mph on London Road, Pakefield."

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The speed enforcement checks have been welcomed by local pressure group, Residents Against Noise and Speed (RANS).

It comes after the group had raised concerns recently regarding anti-social use of vehicles and speeding around the Gateway Retail Park in south Lowestoft.

With the group - consisting of residents who live in Kessingland, Gisleham, Rushmere and Carlton Colville - formed in September last year to highlight concerns about the excessive speeding and noise within their local communities, they are calling for further measures to support the frontline police teams.

RANS has reiterated its calls for an 'average speed camera' to be placed on the Kessingland Bypass.

Adam Robertson, a RANS member, said: "RANS wholeheartedly supports the frontline police in enforcing speed enforcement across Lowestoft, and the surrounding areas.

"What we need to see are measures, such as an average speed camera placed on Kessingland Bypass, to support the frontline officers in enforcing speeding limits."