Woman's warning after being targeted in Royal Mail scam

scam text royal mail

The scam text which Carol received - Credit: Carol Symonds

A woman has issued a warning after receiving a scam text supposedly from Royal Mail, with others in the town she lives in also targeted.

Carol Symonds, 74, lives in Bungay and says she received a scam text supposedly from Royal Mail.

She says that others in the 01986 area of the UK have been targeted by the scam and have become victims of it.

The text tells her to click on a link and pay a £2.89 shipping fee or her parcel will be returned to the sender.

carol bungay royal mail scam

Carol has issued a warning to people not to fall for a Royal Mail scam. - Credit: Carol Symonds

Mrs Symonds says she did not fall for the scam but wanted to issue a warning to others who may have fallen for it.

She said: "This was the second Royal Mail scam asking me to pay money.

"I looked at it and thought 'hmm, this isn't right'.

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"So I contacted Royal Mail who confirmed it was a scam.

"I know lots of people in Bungay have been affected. One other woman clicked the link and paid but nothing has happened to her yet but this is how the scammers entice you in.

"I just want to make sure no one else falls victim to it."

A Royal Mail spokesperson confirmed that they are working with UK law enforcement agencies.

The spokesperson said: “Royal Mail will only send email and SMS notifications to customers in cases where the sender has requested this when using our trackable products that offer this service.

"The only time we would ask customers to make a payment by email or by SMS is in instances where a customs fee is due.

"In such cases, we would also leave a grey card telling customers that there’s a Fee to Pay before we can release the item.

"This would apply either to an international customs fee or to a surcharge for an underpaid item. 

"This card may arrive later than the email or SMS. Royal Mail Group works hard to prevent and detect fraud.

"We work with UK law enforcement agencies, Trading Standards and other organisations to share information and support robust proactive action against scams.

"Customers looking for advice on how to spot a fake notification should visit www.royalmail.com/scamprotection.

"Here they can view examples of current scams, and get advice on appropriate action.”