Dad builds perfect replica of the Snowman and the Snowdog


Peter Eastaugh, 44, has built an exact replica of the Snowman and the Snowdog. - Credit: Peter Eastaugh

A dad who has been building snowmen for many years has built the perfect replica of the Snowman and the Snowdog to cheer everybody up during the pandemic.

Peter Eastaugh, 44, who works as a builder, lives in Kessingland, Suffolk, with his family which includes his wife and four children.

Mr Eastaugh always aims to build at least one snowman each time it snows heavily but decided to go all out this year and build something bigger and better.


Peter's daughter standing with the snowman. - Credit: Peter Eastaugh

"Most of the time whenever it snows my creative side comes out and I decide to build a snowman.

"I normally build one each time it snows but this year I decided to create something a bit bigger and better.

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"I enjoy building snowmen more than the kids," he said.


Peter has created a variety of other things out of the snow in the past. - Credit: Peter Eastaugh

It's not the first time that the dad of four has created something unique with the white stuff.

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In the past, he has created a 6ft 2in replica of a naked woman, and a snow penguin.

But it is no easy feat building a snowman as precise and perfect as this one and it is also time consuming.


The snowman stands at 5ft 10. - Credit: Peter Eastaugh

"It took me three and a half hours to build and the snowman stands at 5ft 10in.

"The way in which I have built the snowman and snowdog is the exact size that it would be in real life when you look at measurements from photos.

"I just decided to do something a bit different to put a smile on people's faces during these difficult times," Mr Eastaugh said.


Peter built the snowman and snowdog as a nice surprise for his family. - Credit: Peter Eastaugh

For many up and down the country, the pandemic has disrupted their everyday lives in more ways than one.

The husband decided to build the snowman for reasons closer to home as well.

"Since the pandemic started my wife has been struggling with a hurt leg and having to teach the kids from home and is feeling the stress.

"She asked me to build a replica of the snowman and snowdog around three to four years ago.

"When I built it, I built it so it did not seem obvious it was going to turn into the snowman and snowdog.

"Both her and the kids were very surprised.


Peter has also built a snow pug for one of his neighbours. - Credit: Peter Eastaugh

"I also built a snow pug for one of my neighbours who currently has a brain tumour.

"I just hope it puts a smile on everyone's face."

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