Popular mascot Bluey honours school's success

Bluey Red Oak Ipswich Lowestoft

Red Oak Primary School pupils with Mr Lee and Bluey parading the trophy at Portman Road at half time. - Credit: Red Oak Primary School

Excited primary school pupils were all smiles as they were surprised during a special visit that led to a memorable weekend.

After winning the Active Primary School award category at last year's Active Suffolk awards, youngsters at Red Oak Primary School in Lowestoft were visited by Bluey - the Ipswich Town FC mascot - last week.

Bluey Lowestoft Ipswich Town FC

Bluey presents the Ipswich Town tickets to Red Oak Primary School. - Credit: Red Oak Primary School

The popular mascot presented delighted students and staff with 100 complementary tickets - courtesy of Ipswich Town FC Community Trust - to honour the school's success in winning the award.

With the Active Suffolk Awards 2021 shining a spotlight on organisations in Suffolk who have been active in the community and made a difference, Bluey presented 100 tickets to the school on Southwell Road, Lowestoft for staff and students to attend their match against Burton Albion at Portman Road on Saturday.

Key stage leader and PE co-ordinator at the school, Johnny Lee, said: "Mascot Bluey came into Red Oak to present the school with the 100 tickets at a special assembly with headteacher Mrs Madsen and myself.

Bluey Red Oak Lowestoft

Bluey visiting classrooms at Red Oak Primary School. - Credit: Red Oak Primary School

"Bluey then had a tour of the school and visited every classroom."

Bluey Red Oak Primary School Lowestoft

Bluey visiting classrooms at Red Oak Primary School. - Credit: Red Oak Primary School

Last Saturday, the school took two full coach loads of Key Stage 2 children to Portman Road for the League One match that Ipswich won 3-0.

Mr Lee said: "At half time, Red Oak students proudly paraded the Active Suffolk Award trophy pitchside with Bluey.

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"On behalf of the school, I would like to say a big thank you to Ipswich Town Community Trust for this very generous gesture.

Bluey Red Oak Lowestoft

Bluey with the Red Oak trophy cabinet. Red Oak PS has won a total of 143 first placed championships against other schools since 2014. - Credit: Red Oak Primary School

"Our students were so excited to see Bluey visit their classrooms and for many children who attended the football match, it was their first experience in a big stadium.

"Our students had a brilliant time and they really enjoyed parading their Active Suffolk Award to the crowd at half time."

With the school having developed strong links with Ipswich Town FC, they work closely to organise 16 ALT Ipswich Town FC North Suffolk Schools’ Cup tournaments a year.

Mr Lee added: "We look forward to continuing and extending our ALT Partnership with our official school football partners Ipswich Town FC to create many more exciting experiences for our students in the future."