Police come face to face with emu on the loose


Skiff the Emu trying to get in to the police car. - Credit: Lowestoft Police

It's not everyday that a large flightless bird appears on the loose in a Suffolk village.

But this is precisely what happened to officers from Lowestoft Police who were shocked to find an adult male emu roaming the streets of Oulton, Suffolk.

What's more when the curious bird was discovered by police he showed a great interest in them.


Skiff was reluctant at first to go back in his field. - Credit: Lowestoft Police

Photos from social media show Skiff attempting to break in and say hello to the officers in their car.

Lowestoft police tweeted the news to followers on Friday afternoon.

After a long time trying to negotiate with Skiff, officers eventually managed to get him back into the field where he lives and where they hope he will now stay.

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