Exotic animals visit Oulton Broad Library for fun day

Oulton Broad Library Reptile Morning

Oulton Broad Library Reptile Morning - Credit: Archant

From snakes to snails, to scorpions and spiders there were plenty of exotic creatures for brave visitors to Oulton Broad Library to meet and greet.

For the second year running the Reptile Fun Morning was held at the library, organised by Jacob West, 13, and his friend Ashley Wilson, 16.

The morning offered visitors, young and old, the chance to get up close and personal with reptiles, spiders and snails which make up the collections of Jacob and Ashley.

Sir John Leman High School student, Jacob West, said: 'Basically my idea came about as the library is not funded by the council so I wanted to do something to help raise funds and also I like sharing my collection of animals with other people.

'Today has gone really well with more people coming to look than last year, when we raised about £55 for the Friends of Oulton Broad Library.'

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Throughout the event attendees were able to view fact sheets, compiled by the two boys, about the individual animals detailing key facts such as habitats, diet and temperament.

Jacob's mother, Tracy West, 44, added: 'He really understands the animals and enjoys talking to people about his collection, using all his own research and this helps him with his portfolio as he wants to be an exotic vet when he is older.

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'I am very proud of him- I think it's just wonderful someone his age is aware of animals and how to look after them.'

Held on Saturday (August 20), the Reptile Fun Morning also saw Ashley Wilson displaying his collection of exotic pets.

'I think today has been really successful, we have had lots more people than last year and have been able to show more animals too. It's been good to answer lots of questions and share my knowledge with people about my passion,' explained Ashley.

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