Fitness consultant from Lowestoft completes epic marathon challenge in Sahara Desert

Mark Nussey finishes his marathon in the Sahara Desert.

Mark Nussey finishes his marathon in the Sahara Desert. - Credit: Archant

A Lowestoft man has completed a remarkable marathon experience known as 'the toughest foot race on earth', in the Sahara Desert.

Mark Nussey with his medal. Pictures: Submitted

Mark Nussey with his medal. Pictures: Submitted - Credit: Archant

Mark Nussey, 45, was awarded his medal after finishing the 30th Marathon Des Sable, running the equivalent of six marathon distances in seven days.

Along with 1,300 competitors, from 50 nationalities, Mr Nussey experienced temperatures of over 50 degrees all to raise funds for disability charity Mencap.

His stepdaughter Ella, 21, was born with Down's Syndrome and has been supported by Mencap throughout her life.

To make it even tougher for the competitors, the race was self-sufficient, for the duration of the race all competitors had to carry their own food, kit and bedding.

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Mr Nussey said: 'It was brutal and tough, I think more mentally than physically.

'I went through every single emotion during the race, there were fantastic highs with some massive lows. That said it was an amazing experience.

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'I thought to myself at the end of day one that if the rest of the week was going to be the same then I wasn't going to finish.

'But I proved stronger than I thought I was, on the long stage on day four which was 55 miles, I was on my feet for 21 hours. The dunes seemed endless.'

Mr Nussey, who works as a fitness consultant and sports massage therapist, lost two kilograms in weight and four centimetres off his waist.

'The bad things were sand storms and dunes and having to drink warm water for seven or eight hours a day,' Mr Nussey added.

'The good things were the night skies, the new friends I made and the very cold can of Coke given to us after the long stage.'

Previously, Mr Nussey has run three London Marathons and trekked across Northern Scandinavia, braving Arctic temperatures in 2011.

In May of last year, he ran from London to Brighton - a distance of 63 miles.

So far, Mr Nussey has hit his target and raised over £10,000 for the Mencap charity.

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