Fund-raising to help buy new play equipment for school in Lowestoft

Ali King and Mandy Daniels (purple top) from the Warren school association are looking to fundraise

Ali King and Mandy Daniels (purple top) from the Warren school association are looking to fundraise for a new early years outside play facility. Some of the early years pupils in the playground. - Credit: Nick Butcher

The Warren School Association is busy fund-raising to improve their outside spaces, including play equipment and safety flooring for their early years area.

Members have described how the area is important for developmental and safety purposes along with the importance of it being fun and inclusive for the children.

They are hoping to install accessible equipment including a ramp and sensory panels.

The development will cost £13,000, with the association paying £8,000 and the school the remaining £5,000.

And fund-raising has already begun, with £170 raised at a quiz with a fish and ship supper held recently.

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The latest event, which took place on June, 6, was a Ceilidh with Saxon Shilling at Carlton Community Centre.

The school are also gearing up for a big celebration in September to mark its 40th anniversary.

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Ali King is the secretary of the association and described the importance of improving the area.

'The headteacher asked us to improve outside spaces and we need to get early years play area up to scratch as it is below par at the moment,' she said.

'It is just a big concrete area and we are hoping to install climbing frames suitable for wheelchair users and interactive boards.

'There is nothing of interest there at the moment and standards are a lot higher now than they used to be.'

Suzanne Harvey, a teaching assistant in early years who investigated and organised the new play equipment, added: 'The children had an input into what they might like to include in their outdoor environment, as many of our children prefer to be outside than in. It was important to consider them as individuals and what their needs were and the potential future needs of the children who may join us in the future.

'With all of these factors in mind, and the addition of a budget to consider the outdoor area was born, the area is under continuous development and is evolving all the time through evaluating how the children respond to each element.

'There are still many things we would like to add in the future and hopefully with time and money we will be able to achieve our goals, this first large step is helping us on the way to what we hope is an amazing outdoor environment for all our early years children.'

The association is also looking ahead to other events which will take place later in the year.

The Lions Day Gala Stall provides vital funds in the form of a bottle stall.

A bike show that raised £1,800 last year, where people can come along and customise their bikes, will take place on September, 6.

The Christmas craft fair will take place on November 14.

For more details on any of the events, to fund-raise or donate plants and outside toys, contact Ali King on 01502 530237.

Are you raising money for a new initiative? Contact reporter Joe Randlesome on 01502 525835 or email

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