Queen writes to Lily, 5, in reply to condolences card


Lily screamed when she discovered she had received a letter from Her Majesty. - Credit: Trevor Fuller

A kind-hearted five-year-old girl was given a royal surprise after the Queen sent her a card in reply to her own message of condolence following the death of Prince Philip.

Lily Fuller, 5, who lives in Hopton and is a pupil at Hopton Primary School, sent a card to the Queen following Prince Philip's death because she thought the Queen would be feeling sad.

Fast forward three weeks and Lily was thrilled to receive a response from Her Majesty.

Lily's dad Trevor said when Lily heard the news of Prince Philip's death she decided to take action.


Lily received a personal message directly from the Queen. - Credit: Trevor Fuller

He said: "The day Prince Philip died Lily was in the room with us watching the news.

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"She turned around to me and her mum and said 'can I make a card because I think the Queen will be feeling sad?'"

Lily then decided to handmake her own card for the Queen as a special way to offer her condolences.

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Trevor said: "Lily got a pen and paper together, made her very own card and sellotaped a crown onto the card as well.

"She did this just in case the Queen ever needs a spare crown to use.

"The card sent had a drawing of the Queen putting her laundry out and I'm sure either Her Majesty or one of her aides had a laugh at this."


The black binding is a symbol of mourning. - Credit: Trevor Fuller

Lily and her family posted the card off to Buckingham Palace and did not expect to hear anything back.

When an unusual looking envelope appeared in the post, Trevor knew this was no ordinary letter from a utilities company.

He said: "When we opened the letter Lily screamed and said 'It is from the Queen.'

"The card contains a portrait of Prince Philip and a thank you message from Elizabeth R.

"I believe she signs off cards with Elizabeth R as a personal touch which is nice.

"The black bounding is in honour of the Queen's mourning period as well."

Lily said she was overcome with excitement from hearing directly back from the Queen.

She said: "I got really excited and I just screamed and I couldn't stop."

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