Great Yarmouth ATM machine robbery

Three men smashed open an ATM at Great Yarmouth's major Tesco store last night and stole money cartridges.

Three men smashed open an ATM at Yarmouth's major Tesco score last night and stole some money cartridges.

The robbery happened at about 11.15pm at a bank of ATM machines by the store off Pasteur Road.

After attacking the ATM machine and taking the cartridges the gang left the scene in a dark coloured vehicle and headed towards Gapton Hall.

The three men were wearing grey hoodies.

During the robbery a small fire broke out in the bank of ATM machines as the man smashed their way into one of the money dispensers.

Det Con Cornwall of Yarmouth CID said: 'Three men attacked the ATM machine and made off with a quantity of money cartridges.'

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Anyone with information on the robbery should contact Det Con Cornwall on 0845 4564567.