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The recent county council elections left Tuesday's Gunton Estate Tenants and Residents Association meeting at the estate's Community Hall, bereft of at least one councillor.

The recent county council elections left Tuesday's Gunton Estate Tenants and Residents Association meeting at the estate's Community Hall, bereft of at least one councillor. Residents were also thin on the ground which was somewhat unfortunate as it would have been an opportune time to ask questions of Waveney District Council's Principal Services Manager, Dave Howson, who was the council's housing representative for the evening's meeting. The loss of Allyson Barron as county councillor meant also the loss of the community's contact with the proposed Gunton in Bloom project. However, it was proposed that association chair Ann Hubbard write to the two new councillors, Mike Barnard and Colin Law, inviting them to future meetings.

The lack of residents at the meeting also meant that few housing matters were raised; one concern mentioned, however, was that of the state of the new homes off Bourne Road, and in particular ongoing worries over the stability of the site. In his feedback on the situation, Councillor Fryers confirmed that the new properties had been constructed on stilts which acted as stabilizers. This did not stop concerns over continuing reports of subsidence of nearby gardens and driveways backing onto the site. One question continually raised was - what actually was dumped in the old gravel pit as infill? An on-going check on the site is reported to be in progress.

Dave Howson's appearance at Tuesday's meeting also allowed him to pass on apologies to council tenants for a recent questionnaire that was sent out albeit with the correct addresses but with the wrong names. There had been a fault in the computer, he explained, which was not discovered until it was too late. He advised everyone who received a questionnaire to cross out the incorrect name and to fill in the rest. Both Councillor Fryers and association secretary Ian Robb raised their concerns over the amount of weeds that could be seen everywhere in the town - and not just on the estate. The town was awash with weeds, complained one resident, who also stated that he had seen weeds growing in Beach Road in the town centre. It was definitely not the type of message to send to visitors to the resort nor to its residents.

In reply to a complaint involving Jeannie Mann Court, tenants complaining about the lack of cleaners in the complex were told that a cleaner should be there at least once or two times a week. A street meet was planned for Friday at Tesco's Gunton announced Councillor Fryers; as yet no community representatives had been invited. Litter and fly tipping continued to raise concerns, notably in the areas between Benjamin Britten School, Bentley Drive and Tesco's Gunton. Fly tipping of asbestos had also been reported in Montgomery Avenue. It was announced by Councillor Fryers that as from July county and ward councillors will be holding monthly surgeries at the Community Hall.

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In the Community Park feedback - wild flowers had been planted in the park's woodland area with a planned hay rake to take place in August. A further tree planting session is planned for later this year. No feedbacks were received from the Wissett Way pond project.

The next meeting of the Gunton Estate Tenants and Residents Association will be on Tuesday 21 July; contact 01502 564601 for more details.

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