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THE Tesco plan has prompted a big debate on The Journal's Facebook page. Here are just a few of the comments:

Victoria Harris: What is the need for yet another Tesco's?! It will affect local businesses, forcing yet more to close. Does Tesco not have enough stores and do they not make enough money?! They have fingers in so many pies I think they are just getting greedy!

Amanda Dogan: Does a town this size really need yet another supermarket? Three Tescos, Asda, soon to be two Morrisons and Lidl and Aldi - we're not a huge city you know... And how about thinking of the smaller shops for a change - the local ones that are closing down as the supermarkets are pushing them out of business.. soon Lowestoft will be a ghost town. STOP RUINING OUR TOWN!!

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Michael Linton: Pakefield does not need a Tesco as there is a Co-op and a Spar within 50 yards of the Tramway pub.

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Vince Parker: I think it would be good for the area ...... it would help the people of Pakefield.

Jo Harris: But wouldn't Tesco bring as many jobs as the other shops closing would lose? Survival of the... cheapest?!

Mikey Anderson: If everyone was to boycott these big supermarkets then maybe local business might boom again. A lot of us have not had a pay rise in a few years and that makes it harder for people to support local business because most of the items are cheaper in big supermarkets. They do supply many jobs though. But I'm sure they also caused many local shops to close down.

Jodi Barber: If it's an Express shop, it wouldn't be much cheaper than Spar or Co-op anyway. Generally they only sell branded or 'Tesco finest' - you only have to look at Beccles Road store to see that. I think it would upset a lot of locals if it turned up. Would rather they did the pub up a bit.


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