Headcams unveiled in crime crackdown

A NEW weapon in the bid to crack down on anti-social behaviour is now being used in Lowestoft.Police officers wearing headcams while out on patrol has become a familiar sight across the town after a scheme was successfully piloted in West Suffolk.

YOU'RE ON HEADCAM: This little gizmo is the latest weapon in the war on anti-social behaviour in Lowestoft. Police wearing headcams while on patrol have become a familiar sight in town after a scheme was successfully piloted in west Suffolk.

The tiny cameras, worn on the side of an officer's head or helmet, record what they see and hear while on the beat. Small video recorders capture both pictures and sound. Insp Nick Aitken, of Lowestoft Central Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: 'These are a great way to record incidents and also have a strong deterrent effect once individuals realise they are being recorded.'

And Suffolk police have secured �55,000 from the Home Office to buy nearly 70 more to use countywide.