Over £1,300 raised for 'beautiful little girl' who died of sepsis aged 2

eliza woods

Eliza Woods, aged 2, died suddenly from sepsis on December 14, 2019. - Credit: Supplied

Over £1,300 has been raised for a 'beautiful little girl' who died of sepsis aged 2 in November 2019.

Eliza Woods, died suddenly on the way to hospital in Scotland on December 14, 2019, after catching a bug and eventually contracting sepsis.

It killed her in 36 hours without anyone knowing she had a problem.

eliza fundraiser

£1,300 was raised in Eliza's memory. - Credit: Supplied

On Friday, February 4, her uncle Chris Moore and his partner Suzie raised £1,300 at the Flying Dutchman pub in Lowestoft and counting for the UK Sepsis Trust.

He said: "The amount we raised is excellent and is more than the anticipated £500 target.

"It was a great turnout and a nice fun night.

"No horses were harmed during the video race and people came up with some rather amusing names for the horses like Liam Neighson, Just Maryied and Jon Bon Pony.

"It is so important that small charities like UK Sepsis Trust receive money to make a difference.

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"If other local charities are looking to host events in the local area then the Flying Dutchman always has space."

Donate to Eliza's full JustGiving page here.