Demand for lateral flows tests still a problem across Lowestoft

lateral flow test sign

A sign informing customers that there are no lateral flow test kits available on the door of a pharmacy Picture date: Wednesday January 5, 2022. - Credit: PA

Demand for lateral flow tests and some supply problems still remain an issue for pharmacies in Lowestoft.

Pharmacists in the run up to the New Year warned of major problems in the supply of lateral flow kits, with many people wanting tests being turned away empty handed.

This week, demand for tests still remains an issue with more people seeking testing as cases continue to rise as well as testing replacing self-isolation for contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases.

hayden chemist

Hayden Chemist on Bridge Road in Oulton Broad. - Credit: Google Maps

For Darren Wales, pharmacy manager at Central Pharmacy, located in Hayden Chemist on Bridge Road in Oulton Broad, supply chains as well as demand continues to be an issue.

"The supply for lateral flow tests has been sporadic and we haven't received any since Christmas Eve," he said.

"We have been actively trying to order more in every single day but there are still supply issues.

"A lot of people turn up expecting tests and we have to turn them away, they just say they won't bother with testing then.

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"We are hoping that supply levels return to normal soon but demand for tests is still increasing."

alexandra road lowestoft

Well Lowestoft - Alexandra Road Pharmacy. - Credit: Google Maps

Hilary Porter, team leader at Well Lowestoft - Alexandra Road pharmacy in Lowestoft, said they currently have a supply of tests but demand means they only ever last a few hours.

She said: "There is a lot of demand for tests at the moment, so it is very hit and miss.

"If we run out of tests on a certain day, we advise people to either come back tomorrow or try and book some online.

"The current batch we have will only last a few hours so they will be all gone by the end of the day."

village rise

Village Rise Pharmacy. - Credit: Google Maps

Village Rise Pharmacy have been receiving a daily supply but like with other pharmacies across the town, demand is outstripping supply.

A spokesperson said: "Our lateral flow tests tend to go very quickly because demand is high.

"At the moment it really is first come first serve for people looking for tests.

"When we run out, we advise people about all the options to them and we are hoping that any current supply issues will resolve themselves in the near future."