Father-of-two with rare cancer has 'everything crossed' for clinical trials


Jack Harper, husband and father of 2, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in November 2020 known as angiosarcoma. - Credit: Submitted

A loving father diagnosed with a rare form of cancer is reaching out in the hope of finding a clinical trial.

Jack Harper, 37, works as a quantity surveyor and lives with his family in Lowestoft which include his wife Fiona, 35, and two children, Arthur, 5 and Agnes, 2.

The family's lives were turned upside down when Jack was diagnosed with angiosarcoma in November 2020.


The family have been left devastated by the news. - Credit: Submitted

"We were all absolutely devastated. We went from being a happy, healthy family, getting on with our day to day routines and planning our future, to wondering what on earth the future now holds for us," Mrs Harper said.

Jack initially went into A&E in November 2020 after having a gallbladder infection, where fluid was crushing his heart.

Doctors soon identified an unusual growth on Jack's heart and he then had open heart surgery at Papworth Hospital.


The chemotherapy Jack has undergone so far has not worked. - Credit: Submitted

A week later Jack was sent to the N&N and then eventually sent home to recuperate before chemotherapy began.

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It was then identified that Jack had angiosarcoma and that his round of chemotherapy had not worked.

Mrs Harper said: "When we were told he had angiosarcoma, the sadness kicked in. 

"From the start until now, everything has happened so quickly and has been hard to process."

jack's family

The family are reaching out and trying to find a clinical trial for Jack. - Credit: Submitted

So far, none of the drugs given to Jack have worked.

"Jack has had 2 cycles of a combination drug called ifosphamide/doxorubin, which didn’t work," Mrs Harper said.

"He has just started docetaxel chemotherapy, which they are hoping might shrink the tumours slightly, and hopefully manage it.

"He can have between six to eight cycles of this. However, Jack will have three cycles of this, then a scan to review. We have everything crossed."


Fiona and Jack pictured on their wedding day in 2017. - Credit: Submitted

Jack's oncologist informed the family that they don’t have any clinical trials.

Mrs Harper said: "We can’t be anything other than hopeful that the right clinical trial will be out there. 

"Jack is a well-loved, funny and all-round amazing man. People cannot speak highly enough of him.

"I am so lucky to have him as my husband and the father to our two amazing children. We all love him so much. 

"I will do anything in my power to make sure we find something which means we can grow old together and watch our two little children grow up."

Please email pleaseshare123@aol.com if you have any ideas of clinical trials for Jack.

When lockdown is lifted, friends and family will also organising a 33 mile fundraising walk from Jack's offices in Lowestoft to NCFC, Carrow Road as Jack is an avid supporter of Norwich.

You can donate to the GoFundMe page here.