One in five in parts of Lowestoft remain unvaccinated, figures show

People in Suffolk and north Essex can now get their Covid vaccine booster

Around a quarter of people in central Lowestoft remain unvaccinated - Credit: PA

One in five people in parts of Lowestoft are yet to have any Covid vaccine, latest figures show.

In Lowestoft Central, just 75.3pc of eligible people have had their first jab, rising to 79.1pc in the harbour and Kirkley ward, according to the NHS England data.

This falls to 68.6pc and 72.7pc respectively for second jabs, while just over half have had their booster, with 51.3pc and 56.4pc respectively.

The figures also show the surrounding areas have some of the lowest vaccine uptake rates in East Suffolk.

The Gunton West ward has seen just 84.6pc of people have their first jab, with 87.7pc in Normanston and Oulton Broad East, and 88pc in Pakefield North.

Oulton Broad West, meanwhile, has the highest uptake in Waveney, with 92.6pc jabbed at least once, and 78.5pc boosted.

Across the East Suffolk district, 89.4pc of eligible people have had their first Covid vaccine, while 84.5pc have had their second.

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But despite the rise of Omicron last month, with the booster roll-out opened to all eligible adults, only 74.9pc have taken up the opportunity to have a third jab.