Centre of Lowestoft is a 'coronavirus hotspot'


Rates across Suffolk have decreased by 22% on the previous week. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

The centre of Lowestoft is considered a coronavirus hotspot as the case rate for the area almost hits 800 per 100,000 people.

In the seven days to January 13, Lowestoft Central saw 80 new cases, which is 29 more cases than the previous week.

This represents a 56.9pc increase on the previous week, with the case rate per 100,000 people standing at 798.1.

England's average case rate is 504.5 per 100,000.

Other areas in Lowestoft have seen a reduction in the rolling rate.

3,097 new cases in Suffolk were recorded in the seven days to January 14, down 22pc on the previous week.

There were eight coronavirus-related deaths in the last 24 hour period in Suffolk, with 98 in the last week alone.

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Hotspot areas in Suffolk:

Maidenhall, Stoke and Port - 109 new cases, up by 75.8pc, rolling rate 1,117.5

Rendlesham, Orford and Hollesley - 117 new cases, up by 200pc, rolling rate 1,021.7

Trimley & Kirton - 78 new cases, up by 105.3pc, rolling rate 839.6

Lowestoft Central - 80 new cases, up by 56.9pc, rolling rate 798.1

California - 66 new cases, up by 10pc, rolling rate 712.1

Gipping & Chantry Park - 67 new cases, up by 19.6pc, rolling rate 705.3

Rushmere - 53 new cases, down by 11.7pc, rolling rate 653.6

Westgate - 68 new cases, down by 9.3pc, rolling rate 621.3

Stoke Park - 44 new cases, down by 18.5pc, rolling rate 619.7

Gainsborough, Greenwich & Orwell - 54 new cases, down by 36.5pc, rolling rate 617.4

Rates in Lowestoft:

Lowestoft Central - 80 new cases, up by 56.9pc, rolling rate 798.1

Normanston & Oulton Broad East - 39 new cases, down by 4.9pc, rolling rate 519.3

Oulton - 40 new cases, down by 13.0pc, rolling rate 514.5

Lowestoft Harbour & Kirkley - 39 new cases, down by 22.0pc, rolling rate 504.1

Gunton East, Corton & Somerleyton - 29 new cases, down by 39.6pc, rolling rate 430.1

Gunton West - 31 new cases, down by 32.6pc, rolling rate 380.3

Pakefield South & Kessingland - 34 new cases, down by 24.4pc, rolling rate 338.9

Pakefield North - 21 new cases, down by 25pc, rolling rate 304.4

Oulton Broad West - 22 new cases, down by 12pc, rolling rate 301.2

Carlton Colville - 25 new cases, down by 45.7pc, rolling rate 293.4