New vaccination centre will open to cope with demand across Waveney


Kirkley Mill is the only coronavirus vaccination centre in Lowestoft currently. - Credit: Nick Butcher

A new vaccination centre is set to open in north Lowestoft next month to cope with demand across the Waveney area.

Currently in Lowestoft, Kirkley Mill is the only vaccination centre, with Sole Bay medical practice in Southwold and the James Paget Hospital being the next nearest centres.

The current number of vaccination centres across the area is presenting accessibility difficulties for people living across the south Waveney area.

Conservative MP for Waveney, Peter Aldous, said he plans to work with the NHS to alleviate these problems and confirmed the opening of a new centre in north Lowestoft next month.

Mr Aldous said: "Next month a further centre will open in north Lowestoft.

"There is a concern that some people in the rural south Waveney area, particularly the elderly, could have difficulty in getting to a centre and it is good news that this is being considered.

"Moving forward I’ll be monitoring closely feedback from constituents and I will work with the NHS to address any concerns.”