Warning to dog owners after dangerous palm oil washes up on beach

palm oil pakefield beach

Palm oil has been found by dog walkers on Pakefield beach and it is fatal for dogs. - Credit: Google/Lyn Knights

A dog walker has issued a warning to others after she found a clump of palm oil which had washed up on a beach.

Lyn Knights was out walking her dog on Pakefield beach on Monday morning (March 14) when another dog walker approached her warning that there was palm oil on the beach.

She then walked further up the beach and discovered the palm oil herself with her friend.

Dog owners are warned about the type of palm oil that washes up on beaches.

This type of palm oil is often discarded by ships at sea and the oil becomes contaminated by bacteria and waste. 

It is this bacteria and waste that can then prove fatal to dogs.

palm oil pakefield beach

The palm oil which has been found on Pakefield beach near Lowestoft. - Credit: Lyn Knights

Mrs Knights said: "I had no idea about the harm of palm oil to dogs until the woman on the beach said my dog could die if he ate it.

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"So when I found the lump a few minutes later I was very wary of it.

"I feel like dog walkers need to be made aware as some people might not know about the dangers of palm oil.

"The area of coastline is vast as well so the palm oil could have spread to any area along the coast.

"If a dog happens to ingest the substance if it has come off a boat or ship it can prove to be fatal for dogs.

"I think people just need to be aware because I suspect this palm oil has come off a ship and therefore into contact with bacteria and waste."

palm oil pakefield beach

Palm oil has been known to wash up on the Suffolk coast in the past. - Credit: Google

East Suffolk Council could not confirm any details in regards to a clear up but a spokesperson said: “Dog walkers are reminded to take care when visiting the beach following reports of suspected palm oil at Pakefield.

"Palm oil is often found along the Suffolk coastline and whilst it is not toxic, it can cause illness in animals if ingested in quantity.

“It is advisable not to allow your dog to eat anything found on the beach.

"This may include keeping dogs under close control, on leads or muzzled if considered appropriate, while walking along the coast.”