Hope will help us through hard times

Church NotesBy Deacon Ian CartwrightMethodist minister at Carlton Colville Methodist ChurchAS I write this article the weather outside is beautiful.

Church Notes

By Deacon Ian Cartwright

Methodist minister at Carlton Colville Methodist Church

AS I write this article the weather outside is beautiful.

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The sun is shinning and people are smiling.

Then the telephone rings and I receive the news that a very old friend has died.

Death is an unescapable part of life, but how we experience bereavement and cope with it is different for each one of us.

When someone close to us dies we experience a whole range of emotions sometimes anger, guilt, bitterness and sometimes relief especially if death is the culmination of a long-term illness.

John was in his sixties; he had known his wife since they were 14. Sandra died following terminal illness. John felt the bottom had fallen out of his life; his sense of loss was excruciatingly painful as he experienced loneliness, isolation, anger and guilt all at the same time.

Life for John appeared hopeless. He had no desire to face the future so he withdrew into himself.

In time with the help of family and friends who gave John the time to talk and share his memories he let go and rebuild his life creatively, readjusting to his new situation slowly discovering a sense of hope despite continuing to miss Sandra.

Like John each one of us reacts to bereavement in a unique way but there is always hope because time does heal and life can take on a new direction even when we miss someone very much.

Hope is at the heart of our Christian faith and helps us through those hard times because hope always springs eternal.