Decision on two new bungalows in quiet residential area deferred

9 glebe close lowestoft

An aerial view of the proposed development behind 9 Glebe Close, Lowestoft. - Credit: Google

A decision to build two new bungalows in a quiet residential street in Lowestoft has been deferred unanimously by all councillors.

At an East Suffolk Council planning committee meeting on May 10, planning permission was sought for two new bungalows to be built behind 9 Glebe Close, Lowestoft.

But various councillors expressed concerns over the overall use and space of the gardens, lighting in the area, build-up of traffic as well as the overall look of the proposed development.

Planning permission was previously granted for one new bungalow in the area and, despite case officer Matthew Gee's recommendation to approve as well as Suffolk Highways, all councillors present decided to defer the decision for two new bungalows.

9 glebe close

The development was recommended for approval but the decision has been deferred by councillors. - Credit: Google

Mr Gee said: "Concerns over the poor layout and cramped visual appearance raised during the last meeting have now been addressed.

"I believe the proposal provides ample garden space for each property and a much better layout.

"The properties will have four parking spaces which is above Suffolk parking guidelines and there have been no rejections from Suffolk Highways.

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"The character and appearance of area won't change either therefore I recommend approval for the development."

But councillor Craig Rivett had his doubts saying: "I don’t think this is an efficient use of land, there could be a better block layout.

"The current design is not appropriate for two houses and currently isn't the right design for the space.

"I recommend deferral of this decision so that the agent can redevelop the garden area to fit two properties."

Councillor Linda Coulam agreed, saying: "As ward councillor I go up and down this road because I am not happy with what is going on there.

"It is a cul-de-sac and the road will not be able to hold capacity for more traffic, there will be a fatality there if this is approved."

Councillor Andree Gee said: "This is very unattractive and looks like a farm building it goes against the look of the area."

Mr Rivett recommended a deferral saying: "My contention is that this is not good use of land with the current proposal."

All councillors present voted in favour of deferring the decision to ensure the agent addresses concerns over the use of land and garden space in the area.