New bungalow plans approved in 'wildlife corridor' despite objections

9 glebe close

A bid to build two bungalows behind 9 Glebe Close, Lowestoft, was approved by councillors - Credit: Google

A bid to build two new bungalows in a "wildlife corridor" have been given the green light, despite opposition.

An application was lodged with East Suffolk Council to built two new homes behind 9 Glebe Close, Lowestoft.

The application had been deferred from an earlier committee meeting in May amid concerns over amenity space for the homes.

Both homes would include three bedrooms, a study and garage.

Plans for one bungalow on the site had previously been approved, although other plans for two new homes had been rejected.

Councillor Malcolm Pitchers said: "We deferred this last time on the grounds that we didn't think the positioning of the plots was correct.

"We asked them to go away and look at it and they've come back and improved it.

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"It looks much better."

The plans were, however, met with a number of objections, focusing on uncharacteristic development and overdevelopment, and impact on flora and fauna. 

Ward councillor Linda Coulam said: "This has been going on since 2017 and various applications have been coming in. 

"I am very concerned because we also have a planning application for two bungalows previously which is under appeal.

"I feel to go forward with this is not the correct way to go about this. I feel we should see what the decision is.

"I think one house would be enough on the site."

Lowestoft Town Council recommended the plans for two bungalows be rejected multiple times.

In its objection, a spokesperson said: "It was agreed to recommend refusal of this application, due to overdevelopment of the site, the ecological impact and loss of habitat for wildlife, particularly due to the presence of a wildlife corridor.

"This application had previously been recommended for refusal by the Town Council and there was no additional detail in the revised application that could mitigate the original reasons for refusal."

Speaking at this week's meeting, town councillor Wendy Brooks told the committee: "We felt the land was unsuitable for vehicle access and development.

"In 2019 Lowestoft Town Council declared a climate emergency.

"In August 2021 we discussed plans for two dwellings again and our argument was overdevelopment, a loss of habitat and a recognition that that part of Gunton is a wildlife corridor.

"Wildlife is in trouble."

The plans were approved by councillors on the planning committee by five votes to three.