Landlord takes on gruelling sit-up challenge for homelessness charity

chris moore flying dutchman

Landlord of the Flying Dutchman Chris Moore took on a 100 sit-ups a day challenge in October. - Credit: Chris Moore

A pub landlord has just completed a gruelling 100 sit-ups a day challenge to raise money for homelessness charity Shelter.

Chris Moore, 47, is landlord of the Flying Dutchman in Oulton Broad and was inspired to take on a fundraising challenge throughout October.

Mr Moore, was interested in doing a physical activity and was inspired to do 100 sit-ups a day throughout October.

sit ups lowestoft

Chris doing some sit-ups at Ness Point in Lowestoft. - Credit: Chris Moore

Talking about the inspiration behind this he said: "Usually people get involved with sober October but being a pub landlord I didn't think this was the wisest decision for business.

"Also no one ever really sponsors anything to charity with sober October so I thought about doing something else.

"A lot of people have lost their homes during the pandemic, particularly landlords, whose pubs are often their homes as well.

"This is what inspired me to raise money for the homelessness charity Shelter."

chris sit ups

Chris doing his sit-ups outside Edinburgh Castle while on a stag do. - Credit: Chris Moore

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Mr Moore has done his sit-ups in various locations, including Ness Point in Lowestoft and even attempted to do some on Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh during a stag do.

The momentum behind his fundraiser soon inspired him to raise lots of money for Shelter.

flying dutchman

Chris doing his sit-ups in the Flying Dutchman. - Credit: Chris Moore

He said: "At first, I thought I would just sponsor myself £50 and see if I could do it.

"I soon discovered that doing sit-ups after 20 years of no action was very difficult.

"So I put out the fundraiser on our Facebook page and after four to five days I had already raised £350.

"The support just came flooding in."

royal mile

Chris outside the Royal Mile in Edinburgh doing his sit-ups. - Credit: Chris Moore

The reception to Mr Moore's sit-ups have been positive in the local community as well.

He said: "The support has been amazing.

"Everyone has really enjoyed the photos and videos that I've put up.

"When I went on the stag do to Edinburgh with 11 other lads it was even funnier because I was doing the sit-ups in some of the most random locations.

"I think anyone can do something like this if they put their mind to it.

"I will definitely be continuing to do some sit-ups each day but I don't think it will be 100."

To donate you can do so here until November 6.


Chris doing his sit-ups at Greyfriars Bobby graveyard in Edinburgh. - Credit: Chris Moore