How you can support family who lost almost everything in devastating house fire

Nick Newson and his partner Corrina Knights with children Bailey, Spencer and Taylor outside the fam

Nick Newson and his partner Corrina Knights with children Bailey, Spencer and Taylor outside the family home in Reydon that was destroyed by fire. - Credit: Nick Butcher

It was a devastating fire which cost Corrina Knights and her family almost everything.

Lowestoft Journal community editor Andrew Papworth and Nicky Morgan are launching a campaign to rais

Lowestoft Journal community editor Andrew Papworth and Nicky Morgan are launching a campaign to raise funds for the Reydon Fire victims. - Credit: Nick Butcher

So today, The Journal – together with Miss Knights' friend Nicky Thorpe – is urging you to do what you can to support them as we launch a fund-raising campaign to help them get back on their feet.

The family of four children and a small menagerie of animals were left homeless after the fierce fire ripped through their house in Windsor Road, Reydon having spread from a nearby caravan.

The blaze left their home uninhabitable, completely destroying the roof and leaving the rest of the property severely damaged.

Miss Knights and her fiancé Nick Newson were able to salvage a few precious family photos from the wreckage after the fire on Monday, June 1.

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But the vast majority of their possessions – including a treasured watch which belonged to Miss Knights' father and her grandmother's porcelain – were lost.

Also gone were the children's Christmas presents – which included an iPad and a PlayStation 4 – along with teddies each of Miss Knights' children have had since the day they were born.

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They are now trying to find somewhere to live for about 18 months while their current home, which may have to be completely rebuilt, is repaired.

Mr Newson's parents have welcomed the family with open arms at their bed and breakfast in Yoxford.

But as Miss Thorpe said, despite their host's best efforts: 'The accommodation they are currently in is not a family home and his not equipped for them to live a normal family life.'

The family have insurance for the home – but despite this the fire will still cost them money.

Mr Newson, who is a self-employed grounds worker, also lost his tools in the fire, which will affect his ability to work.

And in any case, it will take time for any insurance money to be paid out – and the family will need to pay for certain items, such as clothes and school equipment for the children, before then.

Miss Thorpe and The Journal are therefore urging you, our readers, to help in supporting the family at this most difficult time.

But Miss Thorpe, 39, of Famona Road, Carlton Colville, is also calling on businesses show their support with donations and discounts.

'So far people have been so generous and the family have received no end of donations, such as clothes and toys for the children.

'Despite the continuing generosity of the general public, I feel that the level of help they now need stretches beyond that.'

Journal editor Andrew Papworth added: 'We have been overwhelmed by the number of supportive comments people have made to the family following our story about the fire last week.

'Events like this are devastating and the fact it has happened so close to home shows it could happen to anyone.

'We are therefore urging everyone to help this family through one of the most difficult periods.

'Anything you can give, however small, will help them to recover and rebuild.'

To donate to the Support Reydon Fire Victims appeal, visit - we hope that the site will be active in the next few days.

Alternatively please bring cash and other donations to The Journal's office at 147 London Road North, Lowestoft NR32 1NB.

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