Huge thanks after drumming up �12k support for Southwold and Reydon Corps

LOOKING resplendent in their new outfits and sporting new equipment, the Southwold and Reydon Corps of Drums this week sent out a big 'thank you' to the generous locals who have given them a massive helping hand.

In January last year, The Journal reported how the Southwold and Reydon Corps of Drums had appealed to the public to help them raise funds replace their instruments, some of which were 30 years old.

That appeal was met with an amazing response and has helped them raise more than �12,000 to replace their ageing instruments and buy brand new equipment – which will be in use for the first time at a performance tomorrow.

'We sent out an appeal last year, and it was so amazing that by the summer we'd enough money to order the instruments and equipment,' said Steve Wright, a corps' trustee and fundraising co-ordinator.

'Within four months we had raised over �10,000 – that was mindblowing – and shows we're really appreciated within the community.

'We received our peak caps last week, which was the last piece of the jigsaw as we have everything now. We've been using the instruments all this season, but for the first time tomorrow we'll be putting them all in use.'

The group said they wished to say a special thank you to: councillor John Goldsmith, the Adnams charity, the Southwold Trust, Southwold Day Centre, Southwold WI, the Marjorie Trevis Trust, Southwold (Sole Bay) Lions, Southwold Music/Jazz Club and an anonymous donor who gave them �2,000.

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'The whole community responded with fantastic support and we were overwhelmed to raise over �12,000,' Mr Wright said.

'All of our instruments have arrived and we have taken great pleasure parading our new shiny red drums, glistening bell-lyres and flutes and our highly polished bugles, cymbals and mace.

'We are very grateful to all of the donors however large or small as it all adds up.'

Tomorrow, the community is being invited to see the corps in action with their new equipment when they perform their annual 'Beating the Retreat' ceremony at South Green, Southwold at 6pm.

'This is a great opportunity to meet the members of the band, have a good look at what we've purchased and enjoy an hour of performing,' Mr Wright said.

He also issued an invitation to 'people of all ages' who would like to join the corps. 'Children are able to join us from the age of seven and we are in real need of some more adults to build a strong foundation,' he said. 'We provide the instrument, tuition so you can play them and the environment to have fun and contribute to the community.'

? Anyone interested should go to Stella Peskett Millennium Hall, Southwold on Wednesdays from 6.30pm to 7.30pm and Sundays from 10am to 11.30am. For more information, ring Matt Wade, the chairman, on 07780 975885.

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