Injured boy’s parents back road safety improvements campaign in Lowestoft

Callum's parents Jody Mills and Sean Miller.

Callum's parents Jody Mills and Sean Miller. - Credit: Nick Butcher

'I'm just glad he is alive – I honestly thought he was going to die.'

Traffic builds up on the busy Lowestoft road.

Traffic builds up on the busy Lowestoft road. - Credit: Nick Butcher

That was reaction of the mother of Callum Miller after seeing her son involved in a collision with a car.

The youngster was making the usual five-minute walk home from St Margaret's CP School with mum Jody Mills and his two sisters, Kaitlan and Courtney, when the 'nightmare' unfolded.

Miss Mills said: 'We always cross at the same place, at the crossing with a dropped kerb, but on this occasion someone had parked and gone up onto the crossing and so we had to go into the road to counteract this.'

Seconds later she was then faced with every parents worse nightmare, as she saw Callum involved in a collision with the front side of the car after he went slightly too far into the road.

Supplied picture of Callum Miller who was inolved in a collision in Lowestoft.

Supplied picture of Callum Miller who was inolved in a collision in Lowestoft.

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She recalled: 'His head hit the wing mirror and he did a 360-degree turn.'

Left in a terrible state, Miss Mills, 26, added: 'I don't really know what happened next as I was in such a state of shock, I believe someone took my phone and rang Sean, someone called an ambulance, and there was a first aider from the school.'

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Callum was rushed by ambulance to the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston, and after a CT scan revealed a fractured skull, fractured eye socket and a bleed on his brain he was transferred to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

'When he was rushed up to Addenbrooke's, that was the worst,' Miss Mills said.

'His eye was bloodshot and he kept repeating things.'

But after making an amazing recovery, the resilient youngster has battled back from his horrific ordeal – and he has now returned home, although he is now off school until September as he continues his recovery.

He is 'progressing really well' according to his parents.

'It is great he is now back home safe and well but it has been a nightmare,' Miss Mills said.

'He has made such a great recovery and has been sitting up smiling again – he is such a happy, bouncy young boy.'

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