It could be you – lucky drivers take supercars for a spin

Local drivers Trevor Armiger, Richard McNally and Richard Hoffman had the chance to drive three Supe

Local drivers Trevor Armiger, Richard McNally and Richard Hoffman had the chance to drive three Supercars the Lamborghini, Jaguar and Maserati courtesy of the National Lottery. - Credit: Nick Butcher

These three lucky drivers were treated to the surprise of a lifetime.

They were invited to the East Anglia Transport Museum on Monday by the National Lottery for a promotional photoshoot with top of the range supercars – or so they thought.

But then Kessingland Lottery millionaire Jamie Grieves announced they were getting the keys for the afternoon – and was met with sheer disbelief.

Taxi driver Richard Hoffman, lorry driver Trevor Armiger and bus driver Richard McNally were left speechless, but talk soon turned to which of the cars they would each take, the Lamborghini Gallardo, Jaguar F–Type or the Maserati Grancabrio.

Mr McNally, 49, lives in Queen's Road in Lowestoft and swapped his shift at Anglian Buses for an afternoon driving the Jaguar F–Type S round the town and picking up some very important passengers.

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'I just wanted to take my grandkids out!' he said, grinning while relaxing in the car. 'I'm definitely in their good books now.

'Their mum came out and took some pictures and they were just beaming!

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'The whole afternoon was just awesome, there were lots of people looking as I went past, lots of heads turned.'

But Mr McNally admitted the afternoon of luxury had given a hint of how the other half live, 'I'll definitely buy an extra lottery ticket now!' he said.

He was joined by 55-year-old Richard Hoffman from Lakenham, who took the Lamborghini to visit his work colleagues at ABC Taxis in Norwich.

All three men were nominated to take part in the surprise by their employers in recognition of hard work for their respective companies.

Mr Hoffman said: 'I had to go and see everyone at work because they put me forward for it. I had the bosses in there, the management,

'I took them all for a drive round the block they were amazed!

'It was certainly an experience, I'm never going to have another chance to drive one of these.'

And Mr Armiger, 66, who works for Fakenham-based Jack Richards trucks, swapped his lorry keys for Maserati keys and said: 'It was absolutely brilliant. The best thing I've ever driven.'

According to the National Lottery, 193 drivers have become millionaires since the Lottery began, making it one of the country's luckiest professions.

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