Ivy House head chef shares tasty chicken recipe using cupboard ingredients

Cajun chicken. Picture: TMS Media.

Cajun chicken. Picture: TMS Media. - Credit: Archant

When I was younger I used to love watching Ready, Steady, Cook.

Keith Parton, head chef and manager of Ivy House Country Hotel in Oulton Broad. Picture: TMS Media.

Keith Parton, head chef and manager of Ivy House Country Hotel in Oulton Broad. Picture: TMS Media. - Credit: Archant

I'm sure many of you will remember this programme. Two chefs were each given a bag of random ingredients from an audience member. The pair would then be pitted against each other and tasked with creating the most innovative and tasty dish in 20 minutes.

The member of the public would only have a £5 budget and I used to find it incredible how they would cook an impressive meal in such minimal time.

A few years later I was fortunate enough to work with one of the chefs, Ainsley Harriott, who went on to present the show.

If you haven't been shopping or you just fancy a quick bite to eat, don't worry as there will always be ingredients lurking in your kitchen.

Cook This! with Keith Parton.

Cook This! with Keith Parton. - Credit: Archant

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Here is my own Ready Steady Cook idea using a range of basic ingredients that may well be populating your fridge and cupboards.

Cajun chicken

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Ingredients (serves two)

Two chicken breasts

1 parsnip

1 white onion

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 lemon

Handful of pea shoots

Tsp of Cajun spices

Tsp of Paprika

Cooking oil

Dessert spoon of honey

Dessert spoon of marmalade

Two dessert spoons of natural yoghurt

Two dessert spoons of water

Pinch of salt and pepper

Pinch of brown sugar


Cut the chicken into strips. In a bowl marinate the chicken with the cajun spices, paprika, squeeze of lemon, marmalade, honey and dessert spoon of cooking oil. Add a pinch of brown sugar, water, mix and set aside for 15 minutes.

Peel and dice the onion and parsnip and slice the peppers. Fry onion in a little cooking oil to soften then add the parsnips.

Meanwhile, pour the marinated chicken into a separate pan and stir fry, adding the natural yoghurt.

Stir the two pans continuously and add the peppers to the vegetables. Add salt and pepper to each pan as required.

Reduce the chicken sauce until the meat is cooked thoroughly. Pour in the vegetables and stir. They should still be crunchy.

Dress with pea shoots and serve.

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