Jack looking for 100 birthday cards for 100th birthday

jack plummer

Jack is trying to gets 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday. - Credit: Carlton Hall Residential Home and Village

A former member of the Royal Air Force and avid Ipswich Town Football Club supporter is on the search for 100 birthday cards to celebrate his 100th birthday.

99-year-old Jack Plummer lives at Carlton Hall Residential Home and Village in Carlton Colville, Lowestoft, with his wife Sylvia Plummer, 93.

To mark his birthday and to make it a memorable occasion, senior carer at Carlton Hall Amy Parker came up with the idea of 100 birthday cards for Jack's birthday on December 8.

jack's message

Jack's message to everyone. - Credit: Carlton Hall Residential Home and Village

Since posting about the idea on social media, the care home have received birthday card offers from all sorts of people and organisations.

Unit leader at the care home, Jade Collins said: "The response we have received has just been phenomenal.

"Jack is a huge Ipswich Football Club fan and they have been in contact with us and will be sending a card.

"We've got a baker from Great Yarmouth sending a card, schools, scout groups and clubs that are making cards for our darling Jack.

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"Jack is just overwhelmed and thrilled with the idea of it all.

"He is definitely a cheeky chappy, never complains, is always cheerful and is a delight to be around."

Jack has lived an interesting life, Suffolk born and bred.

Jack's first job when he was a teenager was a stable boy and played football for Ipswich Juniors when he was younger.

In 1940, age 19, he joined the Royal Air Force and served until 1947 at the age of 26.

For rest of his life, Jack worked as a butcher.

Moving in to Carlton Hall just before the first lockdown on March 2, 2020, Jack is now part of the furniture.

"When he moved in he was apart from Sylvia for a while," Miss Collins said.

"Sylvia then moved in and it was just so lovely to see them together again.

"They've been together for over 60 years now which is a very long time.

"He's planning a tea party in our on site café The Orangery."

"If Jack can get his 100 cards it will just make his day."

Send your birthday cards to Carlton Hall Residential Home, Chapel Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 8BL and include your location on the card.