Kirkley girl’s thank you to kind �10 donor

WHEN Ellie McMaster left her bag in a Lowestoft clothes store while out shopping with her mum, she discovered to her cost that not everyone shares the same views about honesty.

Seven-year-old Ellie was distraught when her purse was stolen – along with �10 of her pocket money.

But this week she was all smiles again and her faith was restored in human nature, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous benefactor who read about her loss in The Journal.

Ellie, who lives in Kirkley and goes to Meadow Primary School, had the money stolen from her bag on Saturday, May 5 in Peacocks store in London Road North. While she was looking to buy a pair of sunglasses with the pocket money she had saved, she placed her pink bag on the floor – and then left the store.

On realising what she had done, Ellie, her mum Hannah Williamson, and younger brother Calum, five, returned to the store. But the bag was gone and was later found nearby – minus the purse and cash.

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After the theft, Ellie's grandfather Stephen Williamson, of Cooper Beech Drive, Carlton Colville, sent a letter to The Journal describing the thief as a 'low life' and saying he hoped the offender would 'feel a pang of guilt'.

Following the letter's publication, a kind-hearted Journal reader sent �10 to our office and asked for it to be passed on to Ellie.

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The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said: 'If you can, would you see that the little girl in the letter gets this �10. I agree with her grandad's comments. They need not know where the money came from.'

Thanks to the donation, Ellie is now feeling more positive about people again.

Hannah, 25, said: 'Ellie was very worried and sad when we realised the money had been taken. She was really broken up by it and thought there were bad people everywhere.

'But after the �10 was sent in she thinks there are still some really nice people out there. We both want to thank the person who sent in the money – it was very kind and very nice thing to do. Ellie has written a thank-you letter in return.'

'When we go out next we will make sure that Ellie keeps a close eye on her bag and does not leave it anywhere.'

?Ellie's black purse and the �10 was taken from her bag in Peacock's sometime between 10am and 10.30am. Anyone with information should call PC 236 Phelps on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Grandad's thanks – Letters, pages 20 and 21

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