Knitters in Lowestoft group help those in need

Norfolk Knitters open day in Lowestoft.

Norfolk Knitters open day in Lowestoft. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers come together twice a week at the Lowestoft-based Yard Project on Ashby Road and knit to help those in need.

Norfolk Knitters open day in Lowestoft.Sheila Lazarus knitting.

Norfolk Knitters open day in Lowestoft.Sheila Lazarus knitting. - Credit: Nick Butcher

The organisation has more than 2,000 members with some over 100-years of age.

Organiser of Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers, Linda Brown of Weston Longville, visited the Lowestoft Wool Loft on Tuesday this week.

Mrs Brown emphasised that not only were items made and sold with money raised given to charity, but items themselves were donated with a minimum of 50 sacks a month being sent to countries around the world.

The newly-formed group in Lowestoft are currently knitting roses for the Red Cross along with other items to sell.

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Mrs Brown said: 'Your contribution is worthwhile, whatever contribution is made.

'Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers have reached out and helped countless people. The social gathering has saved their lives by giving them a sense of purpose and being useful to others.'

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Leader of Lowestoft Wool Loft, Susan Bowring, encouraged people of any age to come join their community, and urged new charities to get in touch.

For more information about Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers contact Susan on 01502 501030 or email

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