Live carp found on busy Lowestoft road

Stephen Jacob with the rescued koi carp. Picture: Mick Howes.

Stephen Jacob with the rescued koi carp. Picture: Mick Howes. - Credit: Archant

A koi carp was truly a fish out water when it was found flapping around in the middle of busy Lowestoft road.

Fortunately for the hapless fish, it was spotted and rescued by Stephen Jacob, who was driving a forklift truck along Foxburrow Road to the Warnes & Sons building site.

Mr Jacob, known as Jake, wrapped the six-inch carp in a cloth and managed to revive it by holding it under a running tap.

It spent the day recovering in a bucket at the building site and has been released into Mr Jacob's pond.

It is thought the fish had been snatched from a garden pond by a heron and dropped by the bird as it attempted to fly away.

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Mr Jacob, who lives in Blundeston, said: 'I got the forklift from my yard this morning and was driving it up the road.

'I saw something a little bit shiny in the road and I could see a gill moving.

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'I stopped the forklift and got a bit of rag and took it round to our site and ran water through the gills. Fortunately it was still breathing.

'I have got a few fish of my own that have been attacked by herons.

'I have got a pond so I will put it in with them. It deserves a life if it has survived being dropped from the sky.'

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