Council bids to cover vacant shop with deli mural

Shopfronts on Lowestoft's historic High Street. Picture: Mick Howes

The former Triangle Butchery on Lowestoft's historic High Street. - Credit: Mick Howes

Controversial plans to cover a vacant store with a mural will be discussed by councillors.

The application would see a printed mural covering the vacant shopfront at 87 High Street, in Lowestoft.

The proposal is set to be discussed by councillors at a meeting of East Suffolk Council's northern planning committee on Tuesday, July 12 - with the council making the application. 

A report prepared ahead of the meeting states: "The premises is currently vacant, and the proposed mural is of a stylised deli, which would maintain the existing shopfront behind.

"It is considered that the proposal preserves the character and appearance of the Conservation Area and would not adversely impact upon the amenity of neighbouring residents or on highway safety.

"It will bring a point of interest to this part of the Conservation Area and improve the appearance of the building."

Lowestoft Town Council, however, have urged the authority to reject the application.

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In a statement, they said: "The town council are against the artwork covering the shop front and concerned that there is no understanding of the history of the area portrayed in the artwork and for the cumulative impact of the loss of shop frontages.

"In an area such as this Heritage Action Zone, the emphasis should be to protect and restore heritage buildings not to cover them over.

"The application does not meet with the emerging Lowestoft Neighbourhood Plan which seeks to protect and regenerate retail at ground floor level."