Drone photos capture first section of Lowestoft Gull Wing third crossing

gull wing lowestoft

New photos reveal the progress of the Gull Wing third crossing in Lowestoft. - Credit: Oliv3r Drone Photography

New drone photos have captured the progress of Lowestoft's £126.75m third crossing, the Gull Wing, which is expected to open in the summer of 2023.

The Gull Wing bridge will cross Lake Lothing and link Waveney Drive to Denmark Road and Peto Way, bringing additional economic and transport links to Lowestoft.

gull wing

The Gull Wing third crossing in Lowestoft will open in summer 2023. - Credit: Oliv3r Drone Photography

It was an historic occasion last week as the first major section of the new Gull Wing bridge arrived in Lowestoft from Belgium weighing 380 tonnes and being 55m long.

The North Approach Viaduct (NAV1) section can be seen in the drone photos and this is the first major section of the bridge for the northern approach crossing the railway line in Lowestoft.

gull wing

The North Approach Viaduct (NAV1) is the first major section of the Gull Wing project to be placed. - Credit: Oliv3r Drone Photography

The project is being delivered by Suffolk County Council and built Farrans Construction.

The construction work on the Gull Wing will eventually see the installation of two new roundabouts, ground improvements, eight bridge spans as well as the construction and refit of a control tower, alongside other works.

gull wing

The North Approach Viaduct (NAV1) in place by the East Suffolk railway line. - Credit: Oliv3r Drone Photography

gull wing

The project has been years in the making. - Credit: Oliv3r Drone Photography