Author releases second supernatural tale on mysterious serial killer

Crispin Hook pictured with his new book, The Vengeful Ten. Picture: ANTONY KELLY.

Crispin Hook pictured with his new book, The Vengeful Ten. Picture: ANTONY KELLY. - Credit: Archant

A Lowestoft author has published the second in a series of 10 supernatural novels set around the town in the 1880s.

Crispin Hook made his first foray into fiction last year with 'The Hook and Pask Mysteries: The Curse of the Hooded Monk'.

The tale follows on from numerous non-fiction books he has self-published on the town's pubs, high street, former lifeboat coxswain Robert Hook and earlier this year his latest looking at the changing faces of London Road North.

Now, once again writing under the pseudonym Peter Allen, Mr Hook, 44, has released his second novel, The Vengeful Ten, which follows the crimes of a mysterious serial killer.

Commenting on his inspiration behind the books, Mr Hook, who by day works in pest control, said: 'I like watching a lot of supernatural and science fiction programmes on TV.

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'And I was sitting there one day and I thought I'm going to write about something that I would like to see on television.

'Everyone always asks me how I have time to write when I work, but if I am waiting to do a job or have just got half an hour spare I go onto the notes section on my phone and just start writing.'

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The Vengeful Ten sees detectives Benjamin Hook and Michelle Pask, introduced in the first book, taking on another mysterious case.

Mr Hook said: 'The book is about a serial killer in 1865 who has killed 10 women from the beach village and buried them in his house at Kirkley.

'When killing the tenth victim, the first victim comes back as a ghost to kill him.

'The house lays dormant for 20 years until the nephew visits in 1885 and one of the spirits wards him off.

'He then bumps into the detective duo from the first book and they take on his case.'

Mr Hook's book also includes a series of cabinet cards, photographs mounted on cardboard, of his ancestors.

The Vengeful Ten is available to buy now from Waterstones in London Road North, Lowestoft, as well as from Amazon and eBay, priced at £10.

And Mr Hook is already busy working on his next two books - a non-fiction photo book on London Road South and the third in the fiction sequence, The Mystery of the Carbuncled Ruby.

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