Best friends from birth - Annabelle and Emily celebrate five-year friendship

best friends

From left to right Catherine Julings, Annabelle, Emily, Catherine Bird. - Credit: Catherine Bird

When best friends Catherine Bird and Catherine Julings went into labour on May 12, 2017 they were rather surprised and shocked because their daughters were due three weeks apart.

Instead, their daughters Emily and Annabelle were born five hours apart on the same day at James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston.

Since then, the now four-year-olds celebrate a unique friendship and have been best friends through every step of their childhood.


The duo celebrate a unique friendship. - Credit: Catherine Bird

The cute duo live in Pakefield and Oulton Broad near Lowestoft and despite going to different primary schools are often inseparable.

But it wasn't the easiest of births for the two mums who recalled an NHS cyber attack on the day of the two births, and baby Emily was born four weeks early.

Mrs Julings, now 35, gave birth to baby Annabelle at 2.07pm with just 15 minutes of gas and air and her daughter was born a healthy 9lb 1oz.

Mrs Bird gave birth to Emily at 7.03pm and she was born well but kept on neonatal for 14 hours due to fluid on her stomach. She was born a healthy weight of 7lb 12.


The best friends were due three weeks apart but were actually born on the same day. - Credit: Catherine Bird

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Mrs Julings said: "I joked about us giving birth on the same day so when it actually happened we were rather shocked and surprised."

annabelle and emily

The pair play together and do dance lessons with one another too. - Credit: Catherine Bird

Mrs Bird added: "The days after the birth me and Cat spent most of our maternity time together.

"Annabelle and Emily were able to develop such a special bond from this which hasn't left the both of them at all.

"The bond is still very much there even though they attend different primary schools. They still play together lots and attend dancing lessons together."

friends for life

The mum's believe Emily and Annabelle will be friends for life. - Credit: Catherine Bird

Not only do the daughters share a special bond but so do the mums who have been best friends for many years.

"I feel like we have celebrated every milestone together," said Mrs Julings.

"We spend so much time together so it was only natural that Annabelle and Emily would develop that friendship as well."


The daughters have celebrated every single milestone with one another. - Credit: Catherine Bird

Mrs Bird added: "What is nice is that Emily and Annabelle will always have one another throughout life.

"Not only can they celebrate the same birthday together they can also celebrate their special bond."

"It is a bond since birth which is so special to see as their mums."


The pair have been inseparable since birth. - Credit: Catherine Bird