Dad's anger as Lowestoft play area closed off months after daughter's fall

andy hannah lowestoft

Andy Dack, with his daughter Hannah, who fell off play equipment at Royal Green Play Park after it broke in July 2021. - Credit: Andy Dack

A dad has been left feeling angry after play area equipment remains closed off - months after his daughter fell off.

Andy Dack, 46, lives in Pakefield and his daughter Hannah, 9, was playing on a rope bridge on August 4.

The rope bridge collapsed, causing her to fall and sustain minor injuries.

broken rope bridge

The handles of the rope swing which broke while Hannah was playing on it. - Credit: Andy Dack

As a result, she visited A&E three times, once with her dad and twice with her mother Jane and two and a half months later, the play area, owned by Waveney Norse and East Suffolk Council, is still in the same state.

rope bridge

The part where the rope bridge collapsed from. - Credit: Andy Dack

Mr Dack said: "Hannah was playing on the rope bridge and suddenly one of the ends gave way at the handle and she fell.

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"She fell very awkwardly, hit her head on the floor and was in a lot of pain.

"There was a four hour plus wait each time we visited A&E.

play area

The play area is still closed off. - Credit: Mick Howes

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"Whilst her injuries weren't permanent this could have been a lot worse. She sustained whiplash and bruising which caused her discomfort and trauma."

Mr Dack says he has contacted the council to see inspection reports of the play area but has not yet been able to see any.

play area

Mr Dack wants the play area to reopen. - Credit: Mick Howes

East Suffolk Council confirmed the play equipment will be replaced but no date is set yet.

A spokeswoman said: “Some of the Royal Green play area remains closed to the public following an incident earlier this year in which a child was sadly injured.

"This matter was placed on the top of our priority list and emergency inspections and safety checks have been carried out.

 “However before we reopen the area, we are also taking the opportunity to further upgrade and replace other parts of the equipment.

"Whilst we can’t say when this work will be completed, we hope to be able to welcome children back as soon as possible.

“We can assure Mr Dack and other parents that all our play equipment and areas are subject to regular inspections and maintenance in line with the guidelines and that our main priority is always to ensure these are safe for children to use.

"We would like to offer our apologies to his daughter and himself one again."

royal green park

Sign at Royal Green Park, Lowestoft. - Credit: Andy Dack

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