Lowestoft firefighters tackle three bin blazes in quick succession

FIREFIGHTERS from Lowestoft were kept busy with three call-outs to bin blazes, which happened within the space of just over two-and-a-half hours in neighbouring streets in the town.

A Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service spokesman confirmed that crews from Lowestoft had tackled wheelie bin fires during a spate of incidents, which were reported between 9.28pm last night (Monday) and just after midnight this morning (Tuesday).

The first call-out was at just before 9.30pm on Monday, as a crew from Lowestoft attended the wheelie bin blaze in Ethel Road. The bin was 'well alight' according to the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service spokesman, but the blaze was dealt with inside 12 minutes as the scene was cleared by 9.40pm.

At 10.48pm last night, a crew from Lowestoft attended another wheelie bin, which was ablaze in Haward Street. They spent 17 minutes putting out the flames as the scene was cleared by 11.05pm.

The final call-out was reported at 12.05am, with another wheelie bin blaze tackled - this time in Love Road. The crew from Lowestoft spent 12 minutes dealing with the blaze, as the scene was cleared by 12.17am.

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